How big is the battery foil market demand?

Battery foils are mainly used as current collectors in the positive and negative electrodes of lithium batteries and sodium batteries, which have an important impact on battery performance. The internal resistance of lithium-ion batteries directly affects the battery
The reliability and cycle life of the battery depends not only on the four main materials of the battery, but also on the current collector. The current collector is not only the carrier of active substances, but also the
The generated current is collected by the conductor, which can form a larger current and improve the charging and discharging efficiency of the lithium battery. According to the actual survey data, each GWh ternary battery requires electricity
The pool foil is 300-450 tons, and each GWh lithium iron phosphate battery needs 400-600 tons of battery aluminum foil.

In the field of sodium batteries, since aluminum is less reactive than sodium, sodium ions do not react with aluminum foil at the negative electrode, and aluminum foil is used as a current collector for both positive and negative electrodes. Due to the negative set
The demand of aluminum foil for fluid is higher than that of positive electrode. It is estimated that each Gwh sodium battery requires 700-1000 tons of aluminum foil, which is more than twice that of lithium battery.