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    Ultra Green Battery FAQ

    1. How long I should charge my new before first use?

    Upon initial use, the battery may require to charge fully for achieving the maximum capacity. Most batteries will automatically stop charging when they have been fully charged.

    2. Can I use my original battery charger to charge the Battery Collection Company Ltd. battery?

    All of our batteries can be charged by the original battery chargers. On the other hand, our battery chargers can charge the OEM batteries.

    3. How do I know my battery has been fully charged?

    There are charging status LED indicators on our battery chargers. The LED “STAUTS” lights in red and the LED “CHARGER” flashes in green while the battery charger connected to the power supply. After you’ve loaded the battery, the LED “CHARGER” lights in red. The LED “CHARGER” flashes in green and red alternately when the battery is almost achieving maximum capacity (over 90%). The LED “CHARGER” will lights green when the charger completed the charging process.

    4. Why is there a run-time difference comparing with the OEM batteries?

    All of our batteries are manufactured with high quality cells, which may not be the same material as that in OEM batteries. Actually, almost all electronic device manufacturers do not produce the batteries used in the devices. They all have to be manufactured by outside battery manufacturers. Therefore, there’s no difference in turns of quality and reliability. Our aim to provide the best quality and high-performance batteries to our customers, we have adjusted the batteries’ internal resistance for more stable and more reliable. As a result, there will be a little bit difference in our batteries run-time comparing with the OEM batteries’ (no more than 10%).

    5. What should I do for storing my battery?

    If the battery will not be in use for a month or longer, it is recommended that it should be removed from the device and stored in a cool, dry, clean place. Moreover, a charged battery may eventually lose its charge if unused. It may therefore be necessary to recharge the battery after a storage period (May be 3 months once).

    6. What is the reason the run-time of my battery becomes shorter and shorter?

    The batteries may at their end of useful life. Batteries are consumable products. After exceeding the battery life range, the batteries’ charging and discharging efficiency will decline dramatically; therefore, it’s time to get a new battery.

    7. Why does my battery life become shorter in cold temperatures?

    In general, battery is able to work in cold temperatures. But batteries will perform poorly at very low temperatures. Don’t store your device in sub-zero temperatures; your battery may not have enough power to maintain the electronic device running.

    8. What is the warranty on my product(s)?

    All of our products carry a one-year warranty, starting from date of purchase. Defective items will be replaced at no cost during the warranty period. The Warranty Card must be presented together with the official purchase receipt which shows the date of purchase whenever any warranty service is required.

    9. What should I do for the defective product(s) while I've just bought?

    If the product(s) is defective, you can exchange it with the seller that you’ve purchased, within 7 days of purchase. When the product(s) is currently out of stock, you can visit our Repair Centre for exchanging the defective product(s).