Ultra Green Battery

8 reasons for the loss of laptop batteries

  1. The battery itself is of poor quality
  2. Use low-quality chargers
  3. Long time operation in high temperature or low-temperature environment
  4. The battery is connected to high-load peripherals, and the plugging is not standardized.
  5. Excessive charging and discharging (the remaining power of the battery is less than 3%). The circuits are protected, but it happens occasionally.
  6. Incomplete charging and discharging (not to recharge after using up, but to use and recharge if you want)
  7. Long-term use of the battery in strong electromagnetic radiation (will interfere with the conductivity of the metal in the battery)
  8. Long-term use of batteries in humid conditions (wet batteries will reduce performance)

For Windows 8 and above, you can enter powercfg /BatteryReport in the command prompt to view battery usage and consumption, or you can use hardware detection software (such as Everest) to see, and sometimes false alarms.

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