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UGB 15.6″ Inch Laptop Battery For BBEN G17 G16A G16 G16X G156M G16S For wizard G2 K36,15RX,X36E,GB-15X36,GB-15N36

Specifications: Chemistry: Li-Polymer Voltage: 14.8V or 15.2V Capacity: 59.2Wh/4000mA or 58.4Wh/3950mAh Battery Power: 58.4Wh or 59.2Wh Color: Black Condition: New battery with 1 year warranty  

UGB 30154200P HW-3487265 31152200P Laptop Battery For BBEN N14W TH140A AK14 For Teclast F7 Pro,F7 Plus,TH133C-MC

Specifications: Chemistry: Li-Polymer Voltage: 7.6V Capacity: 38Wh/5000mAh Battery Cell: 4 Cell Battery Power: 38Wh Color: Black Condition: Brand New battery with 2 year warranty